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Helping Northland for over 100 years.

No matter what your issue is - whether you are looking for trusted legal advisers to steer you through life, or you have a one-off problem to sort out - we would be pleased to help. 

Law North and its predecessors have operated in the area for over 100 years and have a long-standing history of providing legal services to a diverse client base, including businesses and private clients.  Our directors and their families have been part of the Northland community for several generations and remain committed to the area and its people.  We often call upon strong local knowledge to resolve issues for clients whilst remaining vigilant about client confidentiality.

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  • Property
    Law North Limited provides legal support for all types of property transactions across the Far North and beyond. Property is a core part of our business so whether your property interest is residential, commercial, horticultural, rural or coastal we can provide the legal support you need. We also have specific expertise in Overseas Investment in New Zealand Property and Maori land. For our alternative fixed fee conveyancing services refer to our Swift website Contact us here >
  • Business & Commercial
    There is a diverse range of businesses in the Far North ranging from small to medium enterprise through to publicly listed corporates. Key industries include horticulture, tourism, forestry, farming, retirement villages and retail. We provide legal advice to clients who come from all of these types of business and more. Our specialist commercial teams have acted on sales and purchases of businesses, financing and re-financing, takeovers, restructuring and receiverships. We have also developed specialist experience in the horticulture, rural and tourism sectors. Contact us here >
  • Wills, Trusts & Estates
    No matter what age you are, estate planning is an important legal step to protect your assets and look after your loved ones. Making a will and keeping it up to date with your life changes is an easy way to ensure things are done the way you want after your death. Setting up a trust may also be a good idea for situations where specific control of your assets is needed. Putting in place enduring powers of attorney ready to respond if you lose mental capacity is also a sensible decision. After your death, your estate will be administered in accordance with your will or, if you don’t have a will, through the Administration Act processes. You need to know what those options are to decide whether to make a will. Contact us here >
  • Aged Care
    The climate and lifestyle of the Far North, and especially the Bay of Islands, makes it a popular choice for many people to spend their retirement. Law North Limited has considerable experience in all legal issues affecting the elderly. Some of the more common issues which arise are entering into licenses to occupy retirement villages and rest homes, drafting wills, preparation of powers of attorney for property and personal care, estate planning and loss of mental capacity. We have an ongoing role as legal provider to Aged Concern which keeps us in touch with relevant concerns affecting the elderly. We are also accredited Super Gold card legal providers. Contact us here >
  • Separations & Relationships
    Law North has helped many clients through separation and divorce and understand it is usually a difficult and traumatic time for all of the family. We are also very aware of the need to ensure absolute confidentiality in our small-town environment. It is important to get it right to make sure that everything is in place so that everyone can move on as soon as they are able. Second families and competing financial interests need to be considered and appropriate documentation put in place to avoid arguments into the future. We are able to help you with all of your needs in this area. Contact us here >
  • Dispute Resolution
    Our dispute resolution team acts on all types of disputes. We will work with you to resolve the problem by negotiation or mediation or, if required, we will take the matter to court for you. Your dispute may relate to a contract, a trust, property, an outstanding debt, a leaky home or a relationship. These are just some of the matters we act on. We are general practice dispute lawyers. Our specialist litigation lawyers have appeared in all of the New Zealand Courts, including the District Court, High Court and Court of Appeal. Contact us here >
  • Swift Conveyancing
    For our alternative fixed fee conveyancing services check out our partners, Swift, at

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