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Subdividing Overview

Have you ever considered subdividing your land as a way to fund a different dream - Overseas travel? A

new business opportunity? A lifestyle change? Or maybe you are in a position to carve off some of your section for a child wanting to get onto the property ladder. Whatever your motivations, the option to subdivide could be tempting, but where do you begin?

Emma Thompson from Law North is a leading authority in subdivision and has guided many clients through the sometimes complex process of carving off some land. Below is a brief overview of things to consider before you start, or read our full, free GUIDE TO SUBDIVISIONS in the advice section of our website for a comprehensive overview.

The subdivision process can be complex as it involves many different parties and if those subdividing don't appreciate the full process it can lead to delays, extra costs and problems with the eventual sale of the created lots. The key thing to understand is that in addition to your role as the Developer, you will also interact with a Lawyer, a Surveyor and your local Council. Knowing when to contact who is critical to the success of any subdividing project.

Check out our handy table below as a quick guide to how the key parties interact and then read the GUIDE TO SUBDIVISIONS to start your journey today. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Emma on 09 407 7099 or . You can read Emma's profile here.


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