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A will is a document which allows you to decide who gets what after you die. It is the last expression of your wishes to your family and others who are important to you. In some cases, particularly where there are second families or estranged families, you might want to make sure your property ends up where you think it should, rather than leaving it to be decided by someone else.

If you have children, a will lets you appoint a guardian to look after them if you are no longer around through an accident or illness. This means you can choose someone you trust to care for your children when you are gone.

Sometimes, you might want to leave a bequest to a charity when you die. This can only happen if you have a will.

If you die without a will, the Administration Act determines who benefits from your property. The outcomes under that process may not be what you would want or expect. It is expensive to administer an estate without a will because specialist Court documents have to be prepared. These costs are met by your estate, diminishing the assets which would otherwise be available for your family or others.

Law North Limited’s specialist will drafting teams are led by Dennis McBrearty, Simon Dominick and Richard Ayton. Contact one of them to discuss your will requirements.

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