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There are many reasons why a trust may be important for you. You may want to protect your family’s assets when you are borrowing for your business and entering into guarantees. You may want to retain and protect assets for later generations, especially if you have a second relationship in the family. You may want to protect your assets against relationship property claims by your partner or your children’s partner. Your accountant may want to use a trust as a vehicle for income spreading and recommend that you set one up. You may be concerned about rest home fees or ongoing medical costs.

Whatever your reason, Law North Limited has trust specialist teams who have looked after clients’ interests for several generations.

Our trust specialty teams are led by Dennis McBrearty, Simon Dominick and Richard Ayton. Contact one of them to talk about trusts and how they work.

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9 April 2020

When tackling this tricky topic we must always remember that there are two sides to all leases: