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An executor’s duties start as soon as the death happens and decisions about funeral arrangements need to be made. These responsibilities can seem overwhelming in a time of sadness and grief.

The assets of an estate must be administered in accordance with procedures set out in legislation. Executors have personal liability for actions they take. Executors must follow the correct procedures before they can legally release monies to beneficiaries. If a valid will exists, this will speed up the process. Otherwise, if no valid will exists, additional applications to Court may be necessary to discharge an administrator’s duties under the law. This can sometimes add to the time it takes before monies can be released to beneficiaries.

Through 100 years of operating in the Far North, Law North Limited has built up a considerable estate practice. We have specialised teams of legal executives who work with our directors to ensure proper and efficient administration of estates.

The specialist estate teams at Law North Limited are led by Simon Dominick, Dennis McBrearty and Richard Ayton. If you have recently experienced a death of someone close to you, call us to discuss what to do next.

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