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Short-term and long-term leases are commonly entered into in the Far North by retail and commercial businesses. In difficult economic times, businesses may need to re-negotiate leases or move premises. To maximise your position entering into or terminating a lease, you will need a good legal strategy. Being both a lessee and lessor ourselves at Law North Limited, we understand the lease relationship on both a legal and practical level.

We regularly advise landlords and tenants across the Far North about entering into, re-negotiating and terminating all types of leases. Some of these leases are standard form and others are more tailored to the individual requirements of the lessors and lessees. We can help you get the best out of your lease document, whatever sort of lease is involved.

Our specialist leasing teams are led by Dennis McBrearty, Richard Ayton and Simon Dominick. Contact one of us to discuss your leasing situation.

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9 April 2020

When tackling this tricky topic we must always remember that there are two sides to all leases: