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Maori Trusts

The Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 provides for several different types of trusts if owners want or need to manage their block or shares more effectively.

Some trusts are designed to facilitate the use and administration of the land in the interest of the iwi or hapū. Others promote the use and administration of the land in the interest of the landowners, and are commonly used for commercial purposes. Whether you are a whanau, hapu or iwi, how your land is utilised can be very important, particularly if the land is accumulating ongoing expenses.

It is imperative to understand your duties should you be nominated as trustee in relation to any Maori Trust.

Our Maori Land Court specialist, Simon Dominick can assist and advise on establishing the correct trust for your needs. He has several years experience acting on Maori Land issues, and has appeared in the Maori Land Court on several occasions. He can also advise on issues and disputes involving trusts and trustees.

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