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The only thing a lawyer has to sell is their time. What you are buying is the time they apply their experience and knowledge to your affairs.

A client does not see most of the work, unlike work being carried out by a tradesperson on your home where you can physically watch it occur legal work occurs behind closed doors. The process has been likened to an ice berg. A client sees the tip of the work at the time of a meeting or telephone discussion, however the bulk of the work is carried out below the surface. This makes it difficult for you to assess the cost.

Our experience shows that our clients want results. To do this we provide clients with access to experienced and competent Lawyers in all aspects of the law. We are committed to getting a good result for the client.

We are very aware of the problem and that clients want to know what costs they are incurring. In most cases we are able to provide estimates and where all the information is known, a quote.

Our fees are based on the charge out rates, within the firm these vary depending on the experience and qualifications of the person handling the matter. Our rates range from $120.00 to $390.00 (plus GST) per hour. We are more than happy to discuss these rates with you when your transaction commences.

In addition to our fees there will be other charges incurred from time to time. The most common is GST which must be added to our fees and paid to the Government to keep the country running.

Depending on the type of transaction you are involved in there will be other charges such as Land Registry charges for property transactions, Court fees for court filing and other charges for office services such as faxes, tolls, photocopying, couriers etc.

A common comment from our clients is we realise we are in for a substantial bill, however we do not want “any surprises”. We try hard to prevent surprises, unfortunately the nature of our work sometimes means that we are forced to spend a lot of time on a client’s problem at very short notice. While we endeavour to avoid surprises sometimes a dispute can escalate so quickly it is very difficult to avoid increasing a client’s costs. We will endeavour to discuss the costs involved throughout the transaction, however we must ask our clients to alert us to any concerns.

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